In India like most parts of America, Europe, Africa and Asia, gender inequality is still endemic and women, in many ways, remain the most vulnerable group in society. They are less educated, have less access to decision making, have fewer jobs and less wealth than men, suffer severe cases of poverty and their human rights are often violated. They have always lived on the margins of society and face discrimination and subordination in every aspect of their lives.

This is a key concern for Bhavishya E.V. who is working towards achieving optimal human rights for all and committed to improving the livelihood of underprivileged rural Indian woman in a socially, culturally and economically sustainable manner. Bhavishya E.V. seeks to promote the dignity and respect of all women and see community rural women as key to a sustainable future.

Bhavishya E.V. as a private non-profit NGO, strives to be a platform focused on creating sustainable development and economic & social empowerment especially for women and rural underprivileged people through the medium of handicrafts. As Mahatma Gandhi once remarked that India lives in her villages – that, it is only by focusing on village industries, through primary education, handicraft skills, generating handspun yarn, etc can we provide work for millions of Indians and feed our villages. Handicraft industry is perhaps the best solution to address job creation for India’s very large young population, create rural development especially for women, reduce rural poverty and mitigate rural-to-urban migration by focusing on sustainable development.


Your contribution to women empowerment is provided through gifts of livestock. This gift supplies the tools needed for women to set themselves on a path of self reliance. 

With your donation, we can:

Your donation will help women in need who have few resources and little self-esteem bring new energy, ideas, jobs and change to their families and communities. If you change a woman’s life, she will share her knowledge with her sisters, daughters and friends. She will Pass on the Gift of training and livestock. She will become a force for positive change in her community. And she will, most importantly, find a way to break herself and her family free from hunger and poverty.

Bhavishya E.V. started this program back in 2017. The focus of this program was to help women improve their skills in handicrafts to allow them to become self reliant and financially independent. Diverse vocational training like Tailoring, Embroidery, Knitting, Health & Hygiene are provided. This is an integrated program following principles of 3P of livelihood i.e. Product, Price and Promotion.


Bhiavishya E.V. has a profound appreciation for its supporters. We want anyone that donates money or makes an in-kind contribution to feel as though their donation is impactful and that their identity will be protected from being placed on lists of other organizations. Bhavishya E.V. collects only contact information to use in subsequent fundraising.


Bhavishya E.V is a tax-exempt, non-profit which is a very legal way to say that any money or item you donate to Bhavishya E.V. is deductible from your taxes. Simply keep the receipt that will follow from donating on these pages, list your donation on your itemized personal or business tax-return, and reap the deduction.


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